Multi-family (Strata) Roofing

We Work with all Stratas

At Pacific West Roofing & Exteriors, we are committed to providing seamless and well-integrated roofing solutions for all multi-family structures such as townhouses and apartments and have worked with Strata councils on these projects for many years now. For a fast quote on your next strata roofing project, call us at 604-733-1347.

With many years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we are ready to help resolve all roofing requirements.

Full Assessment

The process commences with a comprehensive evaluation of the property and how its roof is looking. A quote will be provided based on the client’s requirements along with what is structurally sound.

This ensures both parties are content and the ideal solution is put together.

There is nothing worse than a solution where a full assessment isn’t done.

We pride ourselves on providing a robust assessment before offering a quote on the roof and its installation.

Customized Solution

Each property is going to have its intricacies when it pertains to the roofing and with our experience in this area, we can determine what is needed immediately.

Our specialists sit down and speak with all clients before deciding what the ideal fit is and how to customize the solution to suit one’s budget and property-based needs.  We will provide the Strata council with the information and prices needed for a few alternate roofing options. This will allow the Strata Council the opportunity to weigh the various options and be able to budget the funds needed for the upcoming roofing project.


    We Provide Proven Results

    All projects are carried out by certified specialists who have been doing this for years and have the passion to do a great job.
    Why trust those who aren’t able to provide a refined touch?
    This team is ready to go the extra mile and will deliver on all expectations when it comes to multi-family & strata roof installations.


    All roofing solutions provided by this team are based on the property owner’s or Strata Council’s requirements.

    Once the initial quote is provided, we work hard on crafting the best solution based on what the client is hoping to achieve with this roof replacement project.  Because these are larger jobs there are many factors to consider and we ensure that our quote is accurate and meets the requirements of the budget for our clients.

    The project will commence on an established date, and this is guaranteed for all clients. There is never a situation where the deadline isn’t set.

    Pacific West Roofing & Exteriors is a world-class and reputable Vancouver roofing contractor with years of experience handling multi-family and strata roofing projects. For those looking to find the perfect strata roof installation, call us at 604-733-1347 and speak with a representative as soon as possible to have us prepare a quote for your consideration.

    We are ready to assist with your flat roofing or sloped roofing needs that are so common on multi-family complexes, and we make sure we deliver positive results every time. Request a free quote today!  Or call us at 604-733-1347.


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