Framing Repair

Pacific West Exteriors has been providing framing repair services to homeowners and business owners throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 30 years. We work closely with you, your insurance company and general contractors, architects and engineers as necessary. We combine our experience, technical knowledge, and relationships with the regions’ top suppliers and manufacturers of framing supplies with our 24/7 response capabilities to make ourselves an indispensible resource for framing repairs.

Framing repairs become necessary to address failures or deficiencies in residential and light commercial, wood or concrete buildings. Pacific West Exteriors has the experience to evaluate why a structure is failing and to propose and provide solutions to remedy the failure. Our technicians specialize in both wood and concrete framing repairs. We’ve expertly and efficiently repaired frames for homes and businesses all over Vancouver and the Lower Mainland; from individual houses to apartment and condominium complexes, hospitals and universities, office buildings, restaurants, stores, malls and more. We repair:

  • Wood frames.
  • Concrete frames.
  • Roof trusses.
  • Floor joists.
  • Beams.
  • Columns.
  • Posts.
  • Load bearing walls.
  • Concrete slabs and footings.
  • And more.

No two framing repair solution are exactly alike. The site conditions and the demands placed on the building make each job unique. Pacific West Exteriors technicians are experienced enough to analyze and offer the best and the most optimum framing repair and refurbishment solution. Our 24/7 service division is just a quick phone call away and we can have a technician on the way to your building as soon as you call. If you need an inspection or a repair please don’t wait, call today.