Ceiling Retexturing


Pacific West Exteriors has been doing ceiling retexturing on damaged ceilings around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 30 years. The homeowners, stratas and business owners that we’ve served call us back time and again because of our prompt, reliable service, affordable prices, and professional work. Our technicians will take the time to properly diagnose your ceiling damage before proceeding; this way we don’t put a cosmetic solution on top of a structural problem.  Our 24/7 service division is always just a phone call away and we always prioritize urgent calls. A technician can be on the way to repair the damage within minutes after you call. We repair:

  • Moisture Damage: Our qualified technicians will ensure that the source of the leak has been stopped and the drywall and insulation above the ceiling is properly dried. We’ll check for mildew in case it’s been longer term problem or a slow leak.
  • Smoke Damage: 2nd hand smoke and minor fires can both damage and stain ceiling textures. This yellow stain is not removable by cleaning or spraying your ceiling.

Spot Repair is sometimes possible; it’s quicker, easier and more affordable than a full ceiling retexturing. For minor damage our technicians will attempt to blend the affected area with the rest of the ceiling. If this is not an option we will remove the existing texture cleanly and efficiently before retexturing the entire ceiling.

Pacific West Exteriors is equipped and experienced to make your ceiling look like new again. Our 24/7 service division will be happy to take your call and have a technician on their way the moment you decide you’ve had enough of the unsightly stain on your ceiling.