Infrared Building Inspections

find hidden problems before they become large ones with infrared imaging

Pacific West Exteriors offers infrared building inspections to home and business owners around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Infrared cameras provide a cheaper and more effective source of crucial information about the state of your building. Inspection reports clearly show:

  • Water leaks.
  • Electrical hazards.
  • Overloads.
  • Mice, insects and other pests.
  • Areas of heat loss.
  • Areas of thin insulation.
  • Areas of water or moisture collection.
  • And other problems that you would otherwise never be aware of until they’ve become much more serious.


An example of missing insulation – only found with infrared!

The image on the left looks like a clean, freshly painted room free of problems – only after we look with infrared imaging do we discover the truth – potentially saving hundreds or thousands of dollars

in future repairs or increased heating costs.  This is exactly why you need an infrared building inspection before you buy a home, and even afterwards to identify issues your home inspector missed.

do you know what is missing in your walls?MissingInsulation

Infrared building inspections will identify your building problems more accurately and provide a single snapshot of your building systems working together. These non-invasive inspections are quicker and will be less intrusive to your business or family routines than other inspection methods. In addition, infrared technology allows us to be more efficient with our use of time and manpower, saving you a considerable amount of money compared to traditional methods of home inspection.

Examples of Issues Found With an Infrared Building Inspection:

Content from YouTube – danahomeinspections

An infrared inspection of your building walls, foundation, roof, interior and exterior will provide an in depth report superior to conventional inspection methods. The infrared images clearly show heat loss, leaks from your roof or walls, collected moisture hiding behind your walls, ceilings and floors and any hidden damages from accidents, storms, or unknown causes. It will also show where insulation is missing, where radiant heat lines are defective and hidden problems with your electrical and mechanical system. More information about thermography can be seen here.

Pacific West Exteriors has been performing building inspections for home and business owners around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 30 years. Infrared technology has provided us with the tools to make these inspections faster, less expensive and more accurate and we are happy to pass the savings and the service on to you. Please call our 24/7 service division at 604-733-1347 to schedule an infrared building inspection today.