Door Replacement and Repair

Pacific West Exteriors can repair or replace all types and sizes of doors for your home or office. Doors are damaged as a result of vandalism, water damage, fire, break and enter, and natural wear and tear. No matter the cause, Pacific West Exteriors is available to repair or replace your door any time, call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: we prioritize emergency door repairs so that you can rest easy behind a safe, secure door.


Residential Door Replacement and Repair

If you have a poorly functioning or damaged door to your house, Pacific West Exteriors has the right knowledge, experience and materials to secure your home today. If a repair is not possible, then our technician will recommend and provide door replacements. We work with the industries top manufacturers and we guarantee to provide the right product and solution to meet secure your home.

We provide installations, repairs or replacements for:

  • Wood, fiberglass, and metal doors of conventional and irregular sizes.
  • Patio doors and sliding doors.
  • Aluminum doors and entrance ways for apartments/condos.
  • All types of locks, latches, and hardware.

Commercial Door Replacement and Repair

Pacific West Exteriors provides a complete solution for commercial door repair and replacement.  We have been the most reliable provider of complete, 24/7 service to maintain the security of businesses around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 30 years; we offer a full line of materials and expertise to service commercial institutions from hospitals and universities to restaurants, retail, small and large offices complexes, malls, plazas, hotels, condominiums, recreation centers. We provide 24/7 emergency service to repair and replace all doors:

  • Cracked and shattered glass doors.
  • High security metal doors.
  • Hallway and office entry doors.
  • Storefront doors & systems
  • Panic hardware and closers
  • Repair to damage caused by vandalism, break and enter, or accident.


Pacific West Exteriors will work closely with you and your insurance company, if needed, to repair or replace damaged or poorly functioning doors. We guarantee all our work and offer solid manufacturers warranties on all of the materials we use. Please call our 24/7 service centre and a technician will prioritize your call and work to immediately secure your home or business.