Break In Repairs

Pacific West Exteriors has been providing emergency break in repairs to home owner and business owner throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 30 years. Our 24/7 service division will always respond immediately to emergency or high priority calls and a technician can be on his way to your home or business within minutes after you call.

24/7 Break In Repairs – Door Repairs & Replacements

Door repairs and door replacement, windows replacement and window frames repair, locks and latches – we can quickly repair and replace your damaged home or office. We can fix whatever’s broken so that you can get back to sleep.

The skilled technicians at Pacific West Exteriors also utilize our 30 years of experience with break and enter repairs to offer recommendations on how you can enhance security around your home or business:

  • Reinforced plating can provide a visual deterrent – troublemakers will see steel plating and not even bother trying to break in.
  • Steel doors can withstand kicks, shoves and prying tools.
  • State of the art locks and latches can serve as both a deterrent and to stop would-be thieves at the door.
  • Security cameras deter criminals and assist police with the investigation in case a break-in happens, giving you a greater chance of getting your stuff back.
  • and more.

Break in repairs are a top priority at Pacific West Exteriors. There’s no doubt that when a break in or robbery attempt occurs we are left feeling unsafe. If you’re unfortunate to experience a break-in, you need reliable break in repairs immediately. Call Pacific West Exteriors, we offer door repairs, window and door replacements, window frames repair, locks and latches. We will fix the damage quickly and re-secure your home during this difficult time.