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Signs you might need a roof repair for your West Vancouver home or business:

Hiring a roof repair company might be the last thing on your mind because if your roof is installed correctly, it might take a while for any signs of wear or maintenance needed to appear. If you notice any of the following symptoms, then it’s time to consider hiring the best roof repair company serving West Vancouver for over 30+ years and counting – Pacific West Roofing & Exteriors. Having been around for a long time, we can handle any roof repair project to make sure that your home or office is safe and secure.  With the value of real estate skyrocketing in West Vancouver, you don’t want this issue to prevent a top sale amount or to cost you more than it has to. By taking care of repairs quickly, you minimize the damage and ensure the issue does not escalate into other areas such as needing mold removal or hidden moisture damage that can only be seen by infrared or pulling things apart.  Fix it now, while it’s cheaper and easy to deal with!

• Have you noticed a spike in your energy bills yet everything around the house is working as it normally does? Well, it points to a sign that your roof may need repair or you have windows or sliding doors leaking. If you are running the AC or furnace, and especially if you have costly electric heat, a lot of air could be leaking through the roof, forcing your equipment to compensate for the loss thus increasing the energy bill. Therefore, our roofing experts will look for the leaks in your roof (and windows/doors) and patch them up accordingly to prevent further spiking of your energy bills.  A well-insulated home or business should never be ‘drafty’.

• Have you noticed sun rays coming through the attic? Whenever it rains, do you always find drops of water in your attic? Well, it is a sign that there are leaks that need to be fixed. Remember, if not handled immediately, these leaks will continue expanding and the next time it rains, you could have a flooded attic and be dealing with mold and mildew, as well as infestations of rats or mice.  Therefore, contact us today and let us prevent this with our exceptional repair work and ability to find hidden moisture.  Ask us about our unique infrared inspection service that often reveals other issues that you had no idea about.

• Have you noticed that your roof deck is sagging? Well, it’s because it is too wet because of it accumulating a lot of moisture. If such a problem is not handled immediately, you will likely end up paying a lot more for an entire roof replacement. Our roofing experts have handled numerous roofing problems including sagging decks. Therefore, we can save you a lot of money by potentially avoiding an entire roof replacement.

• Are your walls or ceilings stained?  This is a classic sign that your roof has accumulated moisture which is leaking into your house causing stains in the walls and ceilings. Of course, if the moisture continues accumulating, the entire roof might eventually collapse on you – flat roofs especially are prone to this where they can accumulate ‘lakes’ of water as areas in need of repair sag lower, creating a lot of weight that will eventually burst through the ceiling. That’s why you should hire our company for roof repair services on the first sign of discoloration or staining in your home. We can prevent further issues in your home or business by fixing your roof immediately.

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