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Residential & Commercial Roof Repairs in North Vancouver – Why Choose Us?  And when should you repair your roof?

Once you have invested a sum of money to install your new roof, you generally don’t expect any more costly projects for your roof for a long time afterwards with warranties lasting 15, 20, 25 or more years now with modern materials and building codes. However, that only comes true if you keep up with the needed repairs and maintenance tasks as soon as they need doing. But there are times when your roof is damaged and needs immediate repair before the entire project turns into a complete roof replacement, which is very costly and often unnecessary if simple repairs are done in time. Here are some signs why you may need a roof repair for your North Vancouver based home or business, and why you should hire our company – Pacific West Roofing & Exteriors, for the job to ensure it’s done right the first time, and at a great price.

1. Are there missing, cracked or curled shingles? Well, it’s a sign that they need repair immediately because they have come to the end of their lifespan. As an experienced roof repair company serving North Vancouver, we have helped replace missing, curled or cracked shingles for hundreds of clients in the area during our 30+ years in business. So, you should contact us immediately and let us do the same for you at very fair and competitive pricing.  Failure to replace these kinds of worn shingles can allow water and moisture into your ceiling, which creates much bigger issues such as mold and rot – fix it before that happens.

2. When cleaning your gutters, have you noticed a lot of granules from your shingles? Well, you should know that asphalt and composite shingles often shed when they start wearing out. Therefore, they are trapped in the gutter and you will notice coarse black sand when cleaning out your gutter. If these shingles continue wearing out, your entire roof will come apart with time and that’s why you should hire us immediately to inspect the problem before it gets worse.

3. Have you noticed some wear and tear around the roof openings and other objects? For instance, you could have noticed some deterioration around pipes, chimneys or vents among other things that penetrate your roof. Well, before the problem gets worse, contact us and we’ll do a full roof inspection using infrared imaging at a very low cost – you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that we are able to see below the surface and find hidden moisture, rot, mold, and even rodents years before you are aware of the issue, and left unchecked it will cost you thousands more than it has to. Our roofers are experts in handling any roofing repair projects and we can fix this problem for you immediately.

4. Have you noticed that your shingles are dirty, wet or dark? Well, it is a sign that moisture is being trapped inside and the shingles need to be repaired immediately. If not, it might lead to sagging of your entire roof resulting in a very costly roof replacement. If you contact us immediately, we should remove the damaged shingles and get your roof back to a good working condition.

5. Finally, is the exterior paint in your home blistering or peeling? Well, it is a sign that your attic is not well-ventilated and there is a buildup of moisture and humidity. It’s time to repair it immediately.

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