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Fast Roof Repairs

Fast 24/7 roof leak repairs – Call 604-733-1347 now!

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Fast Roof Repairs

Fast 24/7 roof leak repairs – Call 604-733-1347 now!

We Are Vancouver BC’s Most Referred Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Company

If you need help RIGHT NOW – call us at 604-733-1347 for a fast response!

Roof maintenance, chimney and skylight repairs are our specialty – we’re the #1 referred roofing company in the Vancouver BC area and extremely proud to serve the Lower Mainland for all types of services. We have been in roof repair and maintenance, chimneys and skylights and more for over 20+ years, saving our customers thousands of dollars. Our goal is not just great maintenance and installations, but to help you make decisions that save you money.


Why spend thousands of dollars needlessly on a new roof when ALL you may need is a repair? We will always try and repair first and will suggest a new roof ONLY if required. We have the equipment, material and manpower to efficiently secure, assess and maintenance your roof with an industry-leading fast turnover. Our team is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 604-733-1347 for emergency maintenance services and popular roofing services such as:

Our highly effective and efficient process ensures that an exterior roof repair job is done right in the most effective possible way, preventing potential damage – and giving you valuable peace of mind!

Our Maintenance Process

Our experienced team of professionals will:

  • Secure your home immediately. A professional tarp job will prevent further damage from spreading.
  • Thoroughly assess the damage and provide you with an quick and accurate estimate for repair.
  • Repair your roof efficiently and completely with minimal disruption to your home and your neighborhood.
  • Communicate openly with you and your insurance company throughout the process.


We have over 20 years of experience, and happily provide quality roofing, re-roofing (new roof replacement), renovations and roof maintenance services for residential and commercial customers in the Vancouver, British Columbia market area. For asphalt shingle, cedar shake, torch-on, fiberglass, tar and gravel, metal or tile, call Pacific West Roofing & Exteriors for all of your needs in the greater Vancouver area at 604-733-1347.

Our clients can rest assured that no matter what their roof type is, we will be able to offer a suitable replacement at an extremely affordable cost. We always have the best prices for roofing and renovation services in Vancouver and are second to none in the marketplace for the high level of quality we offer at prices the competition simply cannot beat!


We are happy to always provide free estimates for roof maintenance and roof installations/replacements and you are under absolutely no obligation at any time! We will email or fax them to you – whatever you prefer. If you are in need of a roof maintenance, chimney maintenance, skylight repair or any other roofing services give us a call at 604 733 1347, or send us your request and receive a fast, free, no obligation estimate (on-site estimates for repairs and installations/replacements only). We  are proud to be the most recommended roofing company providing the best service to residential and commercial clients throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.  Remember, the next time you are wondering or searching for a ‘roofing company near me’, call Pacific West Roofing & Exteriors!

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star star star star

Very Happy

For ~10 years I've been very happy with the prompt attention and follow through each time.

Veronica - Vancouver

star star star star

Superb Quality!

The roof the roof the roof is on fire! Pac West made every effort to exceed our expectations.

Arash - North Vancouver

star star star star

Well Organized

Reputable roofer. They made every effort to complete the project on time.

Isabella - Vancouver

star star star star

Great Job!

Pac West did a great job on my roof repair!.

Angela & Peter - Vancouver

star star star star

Saved Us Thousands!

Steven found hidden rot & mould that would have cost us thousands later on.

J. Murray - Surrey